User Explorer Report by Google Analytics: How to use it?

Google Analytics has just released a new exciting feature, which will allow marketers to gather individual insights about user behavior on their website: the User Explorer report.

If you are a premium or a very active user (or just lucky) you will already be able to see it appearing under the “Audience Reports”. If not, well you need to wait some more time, but keep checking 😉

Google Analytics User Explorer Report

Nothing has changed on the privacy level, so the “individual” analysis will still be anonymous but, if you are an analytics ninja, you will for sure have set-up the User ID view and, in that case, you will be able to view activity grouped by User ID.

How does it look like?

So, what does the user explorer report show exactly, and what is the competitive advantage you can get out of it?

The starting screen looks like a flat table report: it simply shows the Client ID (if you are looking at a “regular” GA View) or the User ID (if you are in an User ID view) and a set of standard metrics: sessions, avg. session duration, bounce rate, revenue, transactions and goal conversion rate.


Ok nothing exceptional, but now it becomes interesting: by clicking on a specific User ID (or Client ID) you will see the whole history of pageviews, events and accomplished goals by that individual user since the day of his acquisition.

What can I do with it?

Doesn’t this ring a bell? Here is a helper: looks like Google Analytics is positioning itself as a more and more dangerous competitor for Inbound Marketing platforms! The fact of not being able to store PII is of course not giving you the power to put names to IDs, but if you use a tool like Mailchimp for your email campaigns you can map user IDs to recipients “offline” pretty easily: just a thought, but I’ll leave the ethical aspects out of the discussion.

Here is how the drill-down view looks like:

Google Analytics User Explorer Report

I voluntarily blurred out details, but you can guess the use case here: you have just sent out a newsletter and you want to understand the sequence of actions that your users have done. In the above example you see actions like

  • Email was opened (maybe I’ll write a post about email tracking in the future)
  • Email link was clicked
  • User has landed on a given page
  • User has been scrolling into the page… see that “4” next to “Page Interaction”?
    You can drill down and see event data: looks like he has scrolled down to 100% of the page, great 😉Google Analytics User Explorer Report

Another Use Case, probably even more interesting: you can also view E-Commerce events and look at the whole customer journey of your buyers, isn’t that great?


Unless you can afford the Google Analytics 360 Suite, this is already a free candy that Google Analytics is providing to marketers. That’s just the beginning, but I feel (and I wish) that more is about to come. With this feature, Google Analytics is really pushing hard to be “The Killer Web Analytics Tool” by integrating reports that will allow marketers to create more and more accurate Personas out of analytics segments and target them with better campaigns.

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Andrea Rapanaro
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User Explorer Report by Google Analytics: How to use it?
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User Explorer Report by Google Analytics: How to use it?
Google Analytics just released a new feature that will give marketers great insights about users behavior: The User Explorer. Find out how to use it..
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