SOM 2015 – 5 Highlights about SEO and Analytics

SOM 2015

We were at the Swiss Online Marketing Messe (SOM 2015) in Zurich this morning. Here are some early highlights about SEO and Analytics from the conferences that we followed.

  • How to measure your SEO Performance
  • Real-Time Digital Customer Experience Tracking with IBM Tealeaf Analytics

How to measure your SEO Performance?

Evelyn Thar from Amazee Metrics AG provided an overview of facts about which show that SEO is an important factor of success. Key metrics that allow measuring how well you are doing SEO were also listed and explained, along with tools that enable their measurement.

So, what are the key factors to optimize organic traffic?

  • Offsite SEO Analysis (Keywords analysis)
  • Technical SEO (Website responsiveness)
  • Useability Check (Keep people on your website)
  • Link Building (Good links structure)
  • Content Marketing (Good content to keep visitors loyal)
  • Social Media Marketing (Gain visibility on Social Media)

What metrics should be tracked and how?

  • Track Traffic Sources & Goals Conversion with Google Analytics
  • Monitor your Keyword Ranking with tools like Moz, Hoosh, or Searchmetrics.
  • Measure your Link Metrics: what matters are link diversity and number of back-links. The Domain Authority Index from the Moz Open Site Explorer (also available in its free version) provides an index based on an algorithmic combination of all link metrics. An alternative is Page Strength from Searchmetrics.
  • Track your SEO Visibility with Searchmetrics and Hoosh.
  • Track your Social Media Visibility via Searchmetrics.
  • Measure your Traffic Value with AdWords, which also provides reports for your organic traffic

Finally, Evelyn highlighted that it’s important to minimize the metrics that are used to produce reports and to focus more on the “deltas” (from report to report) that on the absolute numbers.

  • Monthly reports: traffic sources, seo-market share, conversions, (optional: keyword ranking)
  • Quarterly reports: traffic sources, seo-market share, conversions, keyword ranking, (optional: social media visibility, link metrics)

Real-Time Digital Customer Experience Tracking with IBM Tealeaf Analytics

An interesting application was presented by Rolf Schmiedke, who talked about the importance of Customer Experience.

Main point was about the fact that measuring and reacting quickly to a bad customer experience cannot be made with “standard analytics”.

The example of “watching a football game” vs. “monitoring its score” was a pretty good one to show the difference between the simple data analysis and a “customer experience analysis” (Tealeaf was not mentioned yet).

We might agree or disagree on that comparison. My opinion is that it’s important how data analysis is made (what metrics are tracked, which reports are generated from it), which can definitely make it become more than just “monitoring the score of a football game”.

Still, when Rolf showed some screenshots about what IBM Tealeaf can do I was pretty impressed, although the tool didn’t look very sexy…

In few words, Tealeaf Analytics allows to improve the customer experience from multiple point of views

  • From a Callcenter Perspective it allows to co-browse with a user that is experiencing problems with your (e.g.) e-commerce platform, by reducing significantly the number of standard questions to the user (what’s your browser, what were you doing, etc.), since the agent can request the access to the browsing history and even complete the product purchase on behalf of the customer, after the phone call.
  • From an IT Perspective it allows to track in real-time exceptions and even load straight away the code to be fixed.
  • From a Marketing Perspective the access to “customer-unsatisfying episodes” allows to quickly take marketing actions and (e.g.) offering discounts to make the customer happy again.

Read more about it here, and stay tuned for more impressions about SOM 2015 or follow me on Twitter @andrea_rapanaro!

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SOM 2015 - 5 Highlights about SEO and Analytics
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SOM 2015 - 5 Highlights about SEO and Analytics
Cambridge was at the Swiss Online Marketing Messe (SOM 2015). Read about the conferences high-lights regarding SEO and Webanalytics in this post.
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