Must-Have Analytics Dashboard to Measure your Enterprise Blog Success

In a world where content marketing is getting more and more attention, one of the key aspects is to measure the return of investment in content production & promotion activities.

According to a research from HubSpot and Smart Insights based on the experience of 700 marketers, 71% of businesses increased the amount of content created in 2015 compared to 2014.

Using inbound marketing oriented platforms like HubSpot to produce and promote content (articles, newsletters, infographics, etc.) is an important step. Tracking the right metrics and monitoring them on a regular base with analytics tool like Google Analytics is your second “MUST”.

This post describes a web analytics dashboard allowing you to better understand your audience behavior and optimize your content accordingly.

google analytics blog dashboard
Blog Dashboard

To make the dashboard work, you need to adjust the Goal IDs and the Custom Dimensions in the widgets configuration according to the following setup.

  • Goal 1: Subscriptions to your Newsletter
  • Goal 3: Article Completely Read * (Event Label = 100%)
  • Goal 5: Comment Added
  • Custom Dimension 1: Reader Type *
  • Custom Dimension 4: Post Category *

* In order to configure scroll depth and reader type tracking you can refer to this article: Step by Step Guide to Track your Blog Readers with Google Tag Manager

Dashboard in the Solution Gallery

Before downloading your blog dashboard from the Google Analytics Solution Gallery I encourage you to read the rest of the article to understand what you need to change in the configuration.

Ready? Get the dashboard now and don’t forget to rate & share!

Numeric Widgets

These metrics give you a pretty good idea about visitors’ engagement and lead generation (amount of subscriptions and comments)

  • Unique visits
  • Average Time on Page
  • Subscriptions (usually the goal can be easily setup as a destination page where your blog would redirect the user after subscription, e.g. “/thank-you”)
  • Comments (same as subscription)
google analytics blog dashboard

Content Performance

Which article performs better? Don’t measure their pageviews, but use the “Article Completely Read” goal (read about scroll depth tracking to measure this), which tells you how many times each article has been read from top to bottom.

google analytics blog dashboard

What are your most performing topics? Track your article topic as custom dimensions (you can use Google Tag Manager and a little script to do that) and use a bar chart to list the amount of pageviews for each topic and pivot by the reader type custom dimension (that you will also have to setup).

The blue/green part indicates the percentage of readers vs. scanners for a given topic.

Widget Look Configuration
top-topics top-topics-config


Check whether the majority of your audience litterally reads your articles or just scans through them. Read here to learn how to measure that!

Widget Look Configuration
reader-types reader-types-config


In order to understand the performance of your content distribution you need to check which channels are performing better.

  • Sessions by Traffic Type will tell you which channel is driving more traffic to your pages. You could do the same and split by campaign. Of course it’s important to tag your URLs accordingly when you are sending out links via Email or non-online channels (like a paper flyer).
  • Social Media Traffic Drilldown will tell you how many users you are attracting from your Social Channels and if it’s most new users or returning ones.
  • Articles Completely Read by Device slices a donut chart by device type, where the percentage represent the portion of users completing goal 3 (article read completely).
    This actually tells you if your articles are likely to be read on all types of device.
google analytics blog dashboard

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Must-Have Analytics Dashboard to Measure your Enterprise Blog Success
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Must-Have Analytics Dashboard to Measure your Enterprise Blog Success
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