Extending Support Capabilities with NetIQ IDM Workflows Dashboard

Extending NetIQ Identity Manager workflows’ monitoring and support capability

We are very happy to see the NetIQ IDM installations at our customers growing and evolving. Our team members facilitate connecting new systems, adding new approval and attestation workflows and extending user populations on daily basis. With this expansion more and more employees take advantage of the services offered by IDM system, and with this growing number we also notice the growing role of IDM user support team.

We put a lot of effort in design and implementation of IDM processes to make them efficient and seamless, but nevertheless, there is always some human touch required in various non-typical situations. When people get impatient, when VIP entitlements are at stake – IDM support team needs to step in.

While working with NetIQ IDM support teams on new ideas and improvements we observed there is a need to monitor and facilitate the requests flow on ongoing basis. We recognize this valid need and would like to help extend NetIQ IDM capability in this regard. For this purpose we developed a dedicated dashboard presenting information on IDM workflows.

NetIQ IDM Workflows Dashboard example

Our dedicated NetIQ IDM Workflows Dashboard provides an easy-to-use console that can improve IDM support user productivity by presenting workflow data in unified, structured, concise and complete manner.

Our solutions helps to address following challenges of NetIQ IDM User Application:

  • Lacking a user friendly, unified overview of running/completed/terminated workflows
  • Support organization is not able to see/track status of workflows
  • Lacking visibility of ordered entitlements
  • Support organization is used to online monitoring tools

Presented Dashboard is deployed on top of NetIQ IDM User Application, so it doesn’t require any additional solution components. It benefits from broad features of DataTables table plug-in for jQuery and collects workflow data live from NetIQ IDM via its REST and WS services.

NetIQ IDM Workflows Dashboard functionality


The NetIQ IDM Workflows Dashboard offers:

  • Detailed insight into workflow processes:
    • Detailed and customizable visibility of all user processes
    • Fast insight into process properties, like activities currently requiring attention
    • Provides simplicity to support users, instead of a complex, drill-down interface
  • Access ease:
    • Online
    • Available only to specified IDM users
    • No additional software components required, dashboard deployed on top of IDM User Application
  • High usability:
    • Feature rich and easy to use interface
    • Instant sorting
    • Highly customizable scope of presented data
  • High extensibility:
    • Customizable columns set
    • Customizable design with CSS
    • Easy to build additional functionality – JavaScript Events, buttons
Marcin Lewak

Marcin Lewak

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I am an accomplished Identity and Access Management systems architect and integration specialist with a wealth of technical and commercial skills acquired across a wide range of demanding roles in delivering, supporting as well as designing and selling security solutions.
Marcin Lewak
Extending Support Capabilities with NetIQ IDM Workflows Dashboard
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Extending Support Capabilities with NetIQ IDM Workflows Dashboard
Finding it hard to monitor and track multipple NetIQ Identity Manager workflows? Please check our lightweight dashboard solution.
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