Digital Transformation in the Human Workplace

For an Organisation to survive and thrive in a Digital world, it must adopt and nurture a Digital Mindset.

In this short post I will share the summary of our attendance and presentation at the Colygon Gennex 2017 event. Gennex is the leading Swiss conference on the topic of Digital Transformation and the Digital Workplace.

Firstly, thank you to the speakers for their insights and presentations – many of which which were complimentary of one and other, including our own: The Human Aspect of Digital Transformation.

In our short session, we talked about the importance of a Digital Mindset to survive and thrive in a Digital World, of Behavioural Change among Employees and User Centric design. We shared our experience and offered insight and ideas to help empower leaders in approaching Digital Transformation in a way that’s sustainable and aimed at retaining top talent.

The Key Takeaways are:

  • Organisations don’t change, people do –  A User Centric approach to Digital Transformation is far more likely to succeed and deliver the proposed benefits than one that is more top-down and upper management or IT driven.
  • Understand your users – What motivates employees? What makes them tick; what are their pain points? Think back to the last time you tried to change a personal habit and how you motivated yourself. Understand expectations and how to stir up that motivation.
  • Manage the mindset shift – Digital Transformation is not always smooth sailing. If you understand your users to the point of knowing how to support the change in behaviour and mindset, then you’ll go some way to making things a whole lot easier.

Here’s a link to our presentation

With motivation and the shifting of mindsets fresh in our thoughts, ask yourself – when was the last time I changed a personal habit (e.g. exercise every day, giving up coffee, one gipfeli instead of two) and how did I motivate myself?

Human aspect in Digital Transformation, presented at Gennex 2017
Human aspect in Digital Transformation, presented at Gennex 2017


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Jason Dunbar

Jason is a Microsoft evangelist with many years experience as a SharePoint Architect.
Jason Dunbar
The Human Workplace - User Centric Digital Transformation
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The Human Workplace - User Centric Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation is important for an organisation to survive and thrive in a digital world. A User Centric approach is likely to yield faster, more tangible transformation that meets the needs and expectations of a digital mindset.
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