Atos Consulting wins Sitecore Experience Award

Sitecore Experience Award
Sitecore Experience Award

This year the Sitecore D-A-CH Digital Marketing Summit 2016 took place at the Maritim proArte Hotel in Berlin. Besides for the conference and networking Atos Consulting team travelled to the German capital since the Zurich Airport solution was shortlisted for the Sitecore Experience Award 2015.

And with great pride and pleasure we are able to announce that Atos Consulting’s mandate at Zurich Airport won the Sitecore Experience Award in the Best Use of Omnichannel-Automation category. Read more about the project in our previous blog post.

Besides the festivities the following presentations stood out:

Keeping Marketing Relevant in the Age of the Customer

In his presentiation Thomas Husson, Vice President of Forrester Research, talked about the key for a compelling Customer Experience. In order to achieve this goal the following three factor must be meet:

  1. Effectiveness: Customer get value from the experience…
  2. Ease: … without difficulty
  3. Emotion: … and feel good about the experience.

If you project these three points onto an iceberg then effectiveness and ease are both 50% of what you see above the water and emotion everything below. Husson also stressed that these three points shouldn’t be regarded only as digital factors but as overall success factor for customer experience. If you don’t value them in the offline world then your digital or mobile Customer Experience efforts are in vain.

Re-thinking analytics: commanding the story

The second remarkable session of the day was held by Stephen Emmott, Head of Research & Knowledge at J. Boye. Stephen Emmott, while coming from an analytics point of view he continued on the theme of Customer Experience. He argued that the descriptive and diagnostic approach to analytics is only the starting point. In order for a long term value of analytics a switch to predictive and prescriptive has to be made. This tied-in Thomas Hussons’s session as the quote in the tweet below could have been from his presentation.

Rethink your Rate of Adaptation

In the final presentation of the day Paul Boag talked about Digital Adaption which is his take on Digital Transformation. His talked cantered on his Digital Adaptation manifesto. Arguing that adaptation is the key factor for companies to succeed. His session ended on a quote attributed Charles Darwin. Which sums up what Digital Adaptation in his opinion is all about.

On a final note we want to thank Sitecore for organising the event and providing a platform for these interesting presentations.

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Daniel Truninger

Daniel Truninger

Senior Consultant & Business Analyst at Atos Consulting
Daniel is a senior consultant and business analyst with a background in various roles in digital. In this capacity I have provided my knowledge and experience for leading organisation in different verticals. When not at work I'm a dad and husband. In my spare time I connect with nature on trail runs, keep a critical eye on digital trends and follow the fortunes of my favourite football teams.
Daniel Truninger
Atos Consulting wins Sitecore Experience Award
Article Name
Atos Consulting wins Sitecore Experience Award
This year Sitecore's D-A-CH Digital Marketing Summit 2016 took place in Berlin where Atos Consulting wins Sitecore Experience Award.
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Atos Consulting CH
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