Atos Consulting Ski Resort Study 2018

How is the Digital Transformation impacting Ski Resorts? For the second year running, the Digital Customer Experience team of Atos Consulting Switzerland analysed the same 12 major Swiss and two comparable Austrian ski resorts.

While last year’s study established, that the majority of resorts is working on the topic of digital transformation, it was interesting to observe the developments in the last twelve months.

Overall, the resorts could be classified in two groups: digital champions and digital neglecters. This development lead to some major changes in the ranking compared to last year. St. Moritz climbed 9 places to claim the 3rd spot, while last year’s top 2 Zermatt and Davos Klosters switched ranks. This was mainly due to the latter demonstrating that they accept that digital is an ongoing topic which never ends.

At the end of the ranking 4 Vallées slipped down one spot to last place. Surprisingly this ski resort currently does not provide any solution for mobile touch point such as a responsive website or mobile app.

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Check out our infographic and the detailed break-down of all 14 resorts

Daniel Truninger

Senior Consultant & Business Analyst at Atos Consulting
Daniel is a senior consultant and business analyst with a background in various roles in digital. In this capacity I have provided my knowledge and experience for leading organisation in different verticals. When not at work I'm a dad and husband. In my spare time I connect with nature on trail runs, keep a critical eye on digital trends and follow the fortunes of my favourite football teams.
Daniel Truninger

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