Are you sure that “is it done” ?

doneFrom my past experiences as Project Manager, I always find interesting to see how team members understand the difference on a simple sentence: When you ask your team member “Is it done?”.

Our human nature tells us that we like to be on our confort zone right ? So, what we normally do when we receive a task is to work on it and finish it. The thing is most of the times, due to different factors (stress, impacience, lack of resilience, …), our mind starts considering that the task “is done” much before it should actually be finished with the respective quality patterns that was required from our Project Manager.

Tell me if you never passed by the situation where your team mate, or stakeholder, or external supplier is giving you the “It’s done!” answer when you know that it’s very far away from being done!

So, it’s relevant that we, Project Managers, get a common understanding on what is the “It’s done” on our teams as soon as possible.

On my case, I write on an A4 Paper, the following:


– Development finished
– Nothing hard-coded
– Preliminary/Unitary tests made
– Code submitted to SVN/GIT without errors!

… and I glue it on the wall where all the team can see it ­čÖé

Hope it can help you on your next time you want to make sure everybody understands it.

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Are you sure that "is it done" ?
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Are you sure that "is it done" ?
Are you sure that "is it done" ?
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