Are you doing Analytics right?


Are you doing web analytics right? This post is a short summary of our range of services in that domain.

From basic gap analysis and advisory, to measurement plan definitions, development of complex analytics solutions and personalized reporting.

Our services at a glance!

Foundation – Basic Analytics Advisory

If you are already doing analytics but you feel that it’s not the right way, you can request our services to do a gap analysis between where you stand and where you would like to be. We provide concrete business- and implementation actions to reach your objectives and recommendations on how to get meaningful insights on your visitors’ experience and optimize your marketing campaigns efforts.

Professional – Basic Analytics Consulting & Implementations

If you are starting fresh or want to review your actual analytics implementation, we can help you consolidating a measurement plan based on your business goals to identify KPIs and targets that will then be used as a base for your web analytics implementation. We take care of the implementation and provide you with dashboards and custom reports and train your stuff for a self-service usage.

Ultimate – Advanced Analytics Consulting & Implementations

For you “out of the box” is not an option. After consolidating a measurement plan tailored to your business goals, KPIs and targets, we take care of advanced analytics implementations and provide you with interactive dashboards and advanced custom reports to get the best out of your data.
We provide quarterly in-depth reports on your analytics data and we support you to optimize your campaigns and website contents based on the results.

Andrea Rapanaro
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Andrea Rapanaro

Senior Business Analyst and Manager at Atos Consulting CH
Quick learner, customer focused and pragmatic business analyst specialized in Web Analytics and with strong technical knowledge coming from a developer background.

I have over 8 years of experience in consulting and hands-on experience in Web Analytics, especially with Google Analytics (10+ years), Google Tag Manager (3+ years), Google Data Studio (1+ years) and Microsoft Power BI (2+ years).

I am also a proud dad, a passionate football fan (AC Milan) and I like to spend all my free time writing on my food-blog ( What can I cook for you? 🙂
Andrea Rapanaro
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Are you doing Analytics right?
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Are you doing Analytics right?
A glimpse of our web analytics services! Interested? Get in touch and let's get your analytics right!
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