Make Your App’s Content Visible in Google Search with App Indexing

Imagine you have developed and launched your company’s new app. Getting all the stakeholders to approve the scope, content as well as the look and feel must have been a significant step for your organization.

Congratulations on releasing your app finally into the wild. Yet after a few weeks the effects of the launch marketing campaign wanes off. The engagement of your app users plummets. So what can you do to mitigate?

Break Down The Silo

This way you have the opportunity to present your users relevant content tailored to their context.

When looking a apps in general you’ll find, that by their nature they are often content silos. A new method is available to give your app content visibility beyond walls of the app. App Indexing is the magic word.  All you need to do is: setting up your app in a search engine compliant way and adapting your website. With these simple steps you can open your content to Google users on mobile devices.

Support The Fragmented Customer Journey

This way users have the opportunity to be presented with even more relevant content on their touchpoint.

App Indexing
Buyer’s Journey From Google Search To In-App Purchase


Imagine you are starting to plan your next vacation. During a coffee break a colleague mentions a hotel in a town she particularly liked. Chances are high that she won’t remember the exact URL off the top of her head (Who does?). This leads you to a situation where a Google search comes to play. You perform your search and the results are displayed. Including a deep link to the hotel in your installed travel booking app. From there you book the room. Since your credit card details are stored in your user account, the payment process completed in the blink of an eye. What used to be a painful process and might have included a few app switches happens in one flow.

But what if you haven’t had that app installed? Don’t panic. A link to the app in the app store would have been displayed thus helping you increase your install base. In both cases having your app in the index has a winning outcome for you.

Thinking Beyond

This mixing of channels might have raised a question at the back of you mind: What about SEO? Google doesn’t give any hints offical hints regarding the impact of how indexed apps will impact on search listings.

However when looking a few pointers of the direction Google is heading towards an argument could be made that using mobile app indexing could provide a significant advantage in terms of a ROI and SEO win in the short- and long term.

As SEO is moving away from relevance based on technical trickery to quality and context. Proving that your lives optimized in different touchpoints can only be a sign of quality and makes it able to shine im micro-moments.


The Customer Journey is continuously fragmenting and focusing on micro-moments. Therefor getting the first impression right is key. App Indexing has the potential to become a valuable digital marketing asset over time. Be proactive and get the basics right. App Indexing won’t be a temporary appearance.

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Daniel Truninger

Daniel Truninger

Senior Consultant & Business Analyst at Atos Consulting
Daniel is a senior consultant and business analyst with a background in various roles in digital. In this capacity I have provided my knowledge and experience for leading organisation in different verticals. When not at work I'm a dad and husband. In my spare time I connect with nature on trail runs, keep a critical eye on digital trends and follow the fortunes of my favourite football teams.
Daniel Truninger
Make Your App's Content Visible in Google Search with App Indexing
Article Name
Make Your App's Content Visible in Google Search with App Indexing
The Customer Journey is continuously fragmenting. Getting the first impression right is key. App Indexing has the potential to be new powerful ally.
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Atos Consulting CH
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