5 Digital Marketing Trends in Switzerland

Digital Marketing Trends

As illustrated in Scott Brinker’s annual update of the Marketing Technology Landscape, a growing number of marketing activities are digital and being driven by information technology. But which topics are gaining in importance? Here are five digital marketing trends which won’t disapear from the surface in Switzerland.

Customer Experience

At first glance Customer Experience is not a technology topic per se but a paradigm shift. The mindset of on- and offline channels is replaced by thinking in the customer lifecycle and how customers interact with a company. Guided by the goal to assist the customer and delivering this experience as an extended part of the product or service. Technology thereby solemnly acts as an enabler in the background. In a survey, which was conducted for the latest Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing by Econsultancy and Adobe, 44% of the 2,146 participants stated that in the next five years Customer Experience with be the primary approach of their organization to differentiate itself from its competitors.

Agile Marketing

Marketing departments, like no other department, stand at the forefront of the digital transformation. With constantly increasing demands by various stakeholders, a coordination between Marketing and IT is key. The ever-changing circumstances, different stakeholders and shorter initiation phases of projects expose the cumbersome nature of the waterfall model on constant basis. While agile methodologies, such as SCRUM or Kanban, have become household terms in IT departments it’s a subject which Marketing departments have to embrace in order to remain competitive in the long term.

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Data-based decision-making

IBM estimates, that 90% of all data in the world was generated in the last two years. In the context of decision-making this provides a never seen before opportunity and basis for new insights without having to jump on the Big Data bandwagon. Government lead initiatives like Open Data or real time structured data sources, like Facebook’s Graph APIOpenWeatherMap or Google’s Maps API, can in combination with Microsoft Power BI provide use case specific solutions, which don’t require any programming know-how. Dashboards with real time data for decision-making are therefore no longer just pie in the sky for SMEs but reality. Without a doubt they will become a constant present in Swiss Marketing departments.

Native Advertising

In recent years Native Ads, advertising messages giving the impression to be editorial content, gained in momentum. Buzzfeed, a media portal, completely ditched Display Ads in favor of Native Ads while in Switzerland the format is still in its infancy. This is highlighted by the fact that Twitter only opened its ad solution in Switzerland to the general public at the beginning of February this year. While Instagram’s is only available to a selected few abroad. However the publication of the first part of the guideline for Native Ads by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), which also regulates the standards for Display Ads, could act as a catalyst in this area.

Meaningful Social Media KPIs

In the early years of Social Media Marketing, metrics like the amount of Likes on a Facebook page or the followers of a Twitter account were regarded as obvious targets. However when taking a step back these metrics only provide a limited value from a business perspective. With the help of simple frameworks the figures can provide meaningful insights. By putting the amount of likes, comments or shares per post into context, the applause-, conversation or amplification rate can be established. These KPIs provide a better insight than an isolated view at the likes of a single update. With the Social Media hype having surpassed its peak it is more important than ever to establish the ROI with purposeful KPIs.

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Daniel Truninger
5 Digital Marketing Trends in Switzerland
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5 Digital Marketing Trends in Switzerland
Looking for the upcoming digital marketing trends in Switzerland? Look no further. Here are five digital marketing trends which won't go away.
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