3 Highlights at Google Developer Days for Agencies 2015

Last week, we were invited to the Google Developer Days for Agencies 2015, which was held in London.

This event was a unique opportunity for Android developers who work in European and Russian agencies to catch up the latest Android development technology and to obtain the deep knowledge about Deep Link and App Indexing.

The main objective of the event was to encourage Android developers to create high quality Android apps.

Despite being a one day event, Google Developer Day gave us great insights about all aspects of Android development: good material design technology, user interface JUnit test and characteristics of data intensive app.

Most of presentation were helpful to build successful Android apps. The following 3 topics were probably the most relevant ones in terms of helping our customers’ mobile business to become successful.

Google Developer Days

1. What makes an Android app popular?

[presented by Ade Oshineye]

Being implemented with high quality code, does not guarantee an app to succeed on the market. Successful apps share one secret: they solve problems that matter to a lot of people. They become part of their daily life.

To create successful apps, maintaining a healthy beta program during development is important. Beta programs give the chance listening to dedicated users opinion before the app is rolled out.

Small tactics, such as sending notifications only for meaningful messages, are also necessary. Having a catchy name can also be of great help.

A successful app is like a toothbrush: it has a dedicated task and should to do its job very well. Users will want to use it on a daily base and will feel they are not able to live without it.

2. Data-intensive Android apps

[presented by Boris Farber]

Boris presented 10 programming advices to make an Android mobile app fast, responsive and performant. These practices are important for scaling big-sized apps, handling large data simultaneously.

This talk was very specific in terms of Android App development and the discussion between presenter and audience was very active.

Here were his key tips

  • Minimize memory leak in all activities by removing static references and applying the event bus instead. Out of scope listeners should always be unregistered.
  • Use UI thread only for the UI. Networking, caching and database accessing jobs are not part of the UI tasks and should be taken out of the UI thread.
  •  Parsing large JSON is time consuming work. Therefore, try to use small JSON.
  • Dont over engineer and make everything small and simple.

3. Deep Linking and App Indexing

[presented by Krzysztof Bielski]

There are tons of apps on our smartphones, but how many do we actually use on a daily basis?

Statistics said that U.S. smartphone users have an average of 33 apps, but they engage with roughly 1⁄3 of them. How can “forgotten apps” re-engage their users?

Krzysztof’s talk had the answer to this question. Deep Linking and App Indexing help users to discover apps more easily and re-engage with them through Google Search.

Once apps are indexed by Google, they can be found among Google search results and the auto-complete functionality can highlight the installed apps.

Stay tuned for more juicy details about app indexing. Read more also in this article by Daniel Truninger.


All presentations were given by Google’s best subject matter experts, which gave us the chance to obtain the latest and greatest updates about the Android App development toolkit.

All speakers didn’t forget about the latest changes and improvement of Android M SDK, which was also highlighted in Google I/O 2015.

On top of the practical information about Android development, sharing know-how and experience with Android developers from all over Europe and Russia was great opportunity.

By observing the passion about app development from developers and the constant effort by Google to improve the Android development environment, we are convinced that Android market will continue to have its prosperous mobile computing time!

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Soojung Hong
3 Highlights at Google Dev Days for Agencies 2015
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3 Highlights at Google Dev Days for Agencies 2015
CTP was at Google Developer Days for Agencies in London. We learned a lot about Android App Development and App Indexing. Check-out our top 3 highlights.
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